ANSI SSFI SH300 props

GBM heavy duty shoring systems, purposely made for the North American ANSI standard. They bear more than 16500 lbs.
Made in Italy. Certified in Germany. Used worldwide.

Technical features of “ANSI SSFI SH300” prop

Below are the features of GBM “ANSI SSFI SH300” heavy duty post shore:

  • forged steel adjustment ring nut with two supplementary holes, suitable for millimetric adjustment;
  • quick release system: made in C45, easier to insert into the holes thanks to the ergonomic shape;
  • anti-shearing system: the greater length of the inner pipe with respect to the outer one enables guaranteeing an at least 3.9 in. difference between the two so as to prevent injury;
  • outer threading obtained by means of rolling-forming, hence guaranteeing the wholeness of the material without removing any material;
  • inner holes obtained using machines capable of perfectly machining them or by means of a milling system which obtains turnings on the surface of the pipe: both ways enable guaranteeing the complete absence of burrs near the holes;
  • inner pipe anti-slip-off system, so as to prevent the pipe from inadvertently slipping off thus guaranteeing wholeness and safety when laying down and displacing at the worksite;
  • reinforcement at the foot: consisting in mounting an extra tube on the outer one in proximity of the lower plate;
  • three types of surface protections, obtained through the process of:
    • dip coating;
    • passivated electrolytic galvanising (tropicalisation), with guaranteed minimum thickness of 10 microns;
    • hot-dip galvanization, with guaranteed minimum thickness of 50 microns;

Upon request:

  • sticker customised with customer's logo, bearing information on capacity and maximum extension;
  • tripod stand capable of supporting the prop when laying on site and when laying the floor;
  • three different types of fork for supporting the floor, depending on the manufacturer’s needs:
    • head stop fork (simple),
    • 4-way head,
    • fork referred to as "drop head".

Beware: the capacities indicated in the table always refer to the capacity of the single post shore. Higher capacities can be achieved by binding, gate-like systems or pipe-coupling systems. The gate-like system is a temporary structure suitable for creating a loading tower. Binding the props in fours enables maximising the capacity. The pipe-coupling system provides for a pipe above and beneath with couplings; it is the same figure of the gate, which is more economic though less quick.


ANSI SSFH SH300 props loads table

We - at GBM - manufacture two different models of the ANSI SSFI SH300 props (US35 and US55).

These are classified according to maximum extension and capacity

Below are the technical features of each one of them.

IMPORTANT: Loads table's values represent the admissible load values according to ANSI SSFI SH300 standard, with safety factor 3 : 1

Dimensions table

US35 US55
Maximum extension ft. 11' 6" 18' 1"
Minimum extension ft. 6' 7" 10'
Inner diameter in. 2.5 3.0
Outer diameter in. 2.5 3.0
Weight lbs 46.0 74.5


2,07 - 3,50 m
2,34 - 4,00 m
5,50 18' 1"
5,30 17' 5"
5,15 16' 11"
5,00 16' 5"
4,85 15' 11"
4,70 15' 5"
4,55 14' 11"
4,40 14' 5"
4,25 13' 11"
4,10 13' 5"
3,95 13'
3,80 12' 6"
3,65 12'
3,50 11' 6" 9760 14270
3,35 11' 11420 14810
3,20 10' 6" 12830 14810
3,05 10' 13850 14810
2,90 9' 6" 14480
2,75 9' 14860
2,60 8' 6" 15620
2,45 8' 16510
2,30 7' 7" 16510
2,15 7' 1" 16510
2,00 6' 7" 16510

Would you like to view the full GBM props catalogue?

Download the full catalogue in pdf format (5 MB)

Or go straight to the online version.

GBM Shoring Props: Data Sheet

GBM shoring prop specifications, data sheet & capacity tables: maximum extension, minimum extension, inner tube, outer tube, weight, compression... If you want to know it all, just...

Download the datasheet of our shoring props (PDF / 0.1 MB)

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